Web Site Improv

Web Design for Small Business

Information, Organization, and Presentation are the three keys to developing an effective website. Each is as important as the others. Over emphasis on any of these at the expense of the other two can cause users to become frustrated and can ultimately cause a business to lose potential customers.

Web Site Improv evolved from my desire to help small businesses establish a unique presence on the internet. By adhering to these three principles, I feel that I can provide an affordable solution that will be most effective at promoting your business and capturing the interest of prospective clients.

Website Development

I can help you decide what information you want to include on your website and the best way to present that information to your clients.

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Website Management

I can help you manage and maintain an existing or newly developed website and provide options if you decide you want to incorporate new features or services.

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Software Development

I also have experience with many different types of Software Development ranging from PC based applications to embedded systems.

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